Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The True Conservative (March 25, 2008)

The true conservative
the true democrat
the true independent
is the consummate moderate in all areas
except those of freedom and survival,
eschewing both fascism and socialism
marching to the beat of a
refined mind, a tempered heart
following the morality of ages,
the commandments of Sinai,
faithful to the ethics of our fathers,
of Abraham, Moses, Plato and Lincoln

The authentic conservative
does not have an agenda,
ignores political correctness,
feels the heart but follows the mind

The essential conservative
has lucidity of intelligence
a respect for ideas, for solutions
for values and for truths

The radical leftist, the inflamed Jihadist
both worship the heart, the knowing of
certainty, the passion of perfection.
It’s the mind of the conservative
that lover of freedom,
that directs ones path,
dictates ones decisions and not
the agenda of the crowd
the naivety of feel-goodness,
the one-slogan-fits-all,
the all-is-relative, the
fascism of the hyperbolic left

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