Monday, March 10, 2008

SIX MILLION (March 10, 2008)

Picture, if you would, the single mother
who births and then nurtures her children
to creative beings and lives of giving

Picture the single doctor, saving lives,
easing those lives of others, often for decades

Picture the single scientist who invents the Internet,
Penicillin, the cell phone or nuclear energy

Picture the Albert Einstein, the Marc Chagall, the George Gershwin,
Arthur Rubinstein, Franz Kafka, Martin Buber, Golda Meir,
Jonas Salk, Groucho Marx, Bob Dylan,

on and on, and then on some more,
then multiply that all by six million possibilities

What valuable people we lost forever in the Holocaust.
What good lives this world lost in that genocide,
and more in that war, on all sides

Imagine all the world could have had, all the world could have been

But you can't imagine; we can only see one at a time - and
that is everything to us, all the time.

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