Tuesday, March 18, 2008

“The Bloody Conundrum of Gaza” The Economist (March 8, 2008)

The only real conundrum, understood well by both Palestinians and Israelis, yet totally ignored by the Western world with their disingenuous and blinding blinkers, with their agenda-driven hypocrisy remaining in place since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, is indeed the obvious reality that this lethal stalemate would cease the minute the rockets and suicide bombings stop. It’s really as simple as that, in spite of all the convoluted permutations both the Western and Arab worlds deign to project onto this conflict.

The Economist states that the “Israelis and Palestinians are trapped in a lethal stalemate, and the Islamists of Hamas refuse to be destroyed.” Should Israel with its overwhelming military superiority be desirous of destroying Hamas and their Gaza Strip, it would in fact take a few bloody days and they would be done with. Yet it is their unrivaled and uncompromised ethical standards that prevents just such a bloody solution and keeps Israel by its own choice on the defensive, hoping for sanity and rationality from a West that is cowered by Oil Power and Jihadists and from an Arab world that is full of self-defeating scapegoating, full of well fed hate and uncompromising fundamentalism.

It was so in 1948 and it remains the same intransigence today. Israel’s existence is for the Arab world the issue – not its borders, not any other painful aspect of Israel’s unfortunate interrelationship with the Palestinian people who are themselves hostage to Hamas and the other myriad assorted terrorist groups. All other problems can be solved, all other compromises are eminently within grasp by all except those who have not and will not accept Israel’s right to exist since 1948.

The Hamas Charter as well as the PLO Charter, in spite of all the spin, still advocate for Israel’s destruction. And it is, to the contrary, not Hamas that refuses to be destroyed, but Israel. Israel has no desire, even though it has the firepower, to destroy Hamas – Israel targets only the terrorists and rocketeers. It is irresponsible of The Economist to suggest any genocidal policy of Israel, and at the same time to ignore Hamas’ stated genocidal intentions and their daily rocketing of innocent civilians. Stop the rockets and the stalemate will evaporate, a situation Hamas refuses to entertain and one which the West and the Arab world refuse to push them into.

There is continuous focus on casualties, disproportionate responses and terrified children crying in streets of improvised devastation. Political claims fly back and forth rife with accusations from all sides. The average Palestinian, the average Israeli remain pawns of regimes, of politicians and media poisoned with indifference for these citizens, rife with self-serving agendas and callous scapegoating.

If the missiles stop, so will the necessary, understandable, and eminently proportional responses.

The Economist further claims that the missile attacks (over 500 so far this year) and Israel’s focused responses are where “cause and effect had merged into a seamless continuum.” To be blind to the cause and report avidly on the effects, especially from Gaza, is to pay homage only to the expert Palestinian propaganda machine originally trained well by the KGB in its time and its long time stooge Arafat; propaganda which with Hamas’ ability to daily terrorize Israeli civilians seems to be the two singular areas in which Gaza excels. Once again the simple is ignored, the case as it were of the blind leading the lame. The cause is and was the terrorism emanating from Gaza, the rockets and suicide bombings.

Stop these and the continuum so incorrectly defined by The Economist will likewise evaporate.

See this article at: http://www2.economist.com/displayStory.cfm?story_id=10808635

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