Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Honor Killings - Do We Know? (Feb. 26, 2008)

Honor Killings - Do We Know?

What are these countries
who are these people that
would stone the abused and
grant freedom to the rapist
What is this religion
who are its protagonists
that would hang the victim
and venerate the victimizer

In what culture do men own
the law, the morality and the women
Where are all the activists, the human rights groups,
the discrimination organizations, the women’s movements
who all ignore the spiritual genocide foisted on Muslim women
who pass by this daily purgatory with nary a whisper of support

Perhaps they are otherwise occupied,
these important people with important issues,
perhaps they have only energy for a concrete wall
between Israel and the West Bank,
for disrespected Korans in Guantanamo

The likely future of the modern world and
certainly the future of the Muslim world
rests in the hands of the enslaved Muslim women
starved of justice, denuded of freedom
They are the ones who will change that world
They are the ones who need our change, Obama’s
celebrated change, far more than we ourselves

We ignore them at our peril

Honor Killings – Do We Care?

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