Saturday, February 4, 2006

Publication of Muhammad Caricatures (Feb. 4, 2006)

This is not a case of preference or taste, as it should be. It is now an issue of hypocrisy, coercion and intolerance; not by Denmark or their press, but by the vocal Muslim world. However tasteful your cartoons may or may not be, your right to discourse is inalienable and your fight to support same is admirable.

You courageously and uniquely saved the Danish-Jewish community from the Nazi ravages. Your love of honesty and truth likewise remains a beacon to all nations, one unfortunately not replicated by most supposedly free Western nations.

The critics in the Muslim world are generally guilty of absolute discrimination against Christians, Jews, their own women and moderates everywhere. So it’s presumably not such a stretch for them to extend their own internal fascism to Denmark’s newspapers. They will only be encouraged to modify their intransigence if Europe refrains from reducing its own freedoms.

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