Monday, March 30, 2009

Of Innocents and Savages

Google “Congo killings” and the search engine will find you 3.56 million references. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is 2.3 million square kilometers, and is home to 62.6 million people.

Enter “Gaza killings” and Google will locate 8.56 million references. The Gaza Strip is 360 square kilometers, and home to 1.5 million people. That is one-thousandth of the land mass, and two-hundredths of the population, of the DRC.

The media (both ‘new’ and ‘old’) bias is indisputable.

Less than 1,000 Gazans were reliably documented as killed in their last war with Israel, many of which were armed militants. In Congo, over four million unquestionably innocent civilians have now been killed—by weapon or disease—in the past twelve years. Horrific stories of rape, burnings, and mutilations abound. And yet, the media’s fixation on Israel’s ‘oppression’ of the Arabs continues. The question is evitable: why is there such a focus on deaths in Gaza—a war triggered by the firing of over 6,000 rockets at Israeli civilians—while the exterminations in the DRC are comparatively ignored? Is it because the Congolese are black and invisible people who cannot help but murder each other? Or is it because Hamas and the Gazans have been granted victim status amongst the worldwide left, giving the cognoscenti and ‘activists’ everywhere a perfect whipping boy in Israel? Either way, it doesn’t speak well for the evolution of mankind: blacks, apparently, are still savages, and Jews still deserve to be killed.

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Joseph Puder said...

Dear Leslie:

It seems to me that the International and Western media in particular, is most interested in a conflict if it involves Jews (Thus, Congo is of no interest and never mind the millions killed there, or in the Sudan. The Kurds too are of no interest because their just fight is against Jews but rather against Arabs). Psychologically, the Europeans in particular are trying assuage their "guilt" over the Holocaust by "proving" that the Israelis (Jews) are "as bad" as the Europeans were towards their Jews.

Notice that the European media is very sympathetic towards dead Jews, they just do not like living Jews, especially those Jews (Israelis) who are well able to defend themselves against murderous jihadists.



John said...


You make some very valid points - though I have to inform you that this biased and very one sided reporting just doesn't only apply to and against Israel. Even here in Southern Africa we see it with the Western media turning a seemingly blind eye and deaf ear to some of the many atrocious goings on in relation to bizarre and ghastly behaviour being directed at whites much of which is clearly and unmistakably politically inspired and designed to literally terrorize white farmers off the land.

I would probably be one of the first in line to admit and acknowledge that the white colonial Governments were wrong for oppressing blacks and denying them equal opportunities - but whatever their wrongs were they are insignificant in comparison to the way some of these blacks behave towards other races. For instance, did you know that in these past few years there have been over 8000 reported farm attacks upon whites in South Africa (never mind the ethnic cleansing going on in Zimbabwe) with over 1600 white farmers murdered, often in the most barbaric and cruel way! Yet hardly anything is ever mentioned in the local press and almost zero in the international press - somehow these biased western journalists and editors seem to think that this extremely arrogant and violent behaviour being directed at whites is fully justified and therefore deserves no attention!

Question is: "Who is ultimately responsible for this very one sided approach - surely it can't just be ignorance or just plain naiveté, it has to be planned and co-coordinated by someone." Who sets the trends about what is and isn't newsworthy?

John Davey

Joseph C. Smith said...

Yes John AND well said.
Leslie, you have captured the "racist" hypocrisy of reporting on black Africa. Liberal journalists are oddly blind to the fact they unconsciously ASSUME it LESS heinous for blacks to slaughter blacks and whites because blacks are intrinsically less able to determine good and evil and MORE slavish to bloodthirsty passions than whites!

And what is NOT racist about that.

The corollary is that whites are MORE cognizant of right and wrong and MORE culpable.

Could this also be subtext of the blame game against Israel? An unspoken assumption that Jews "know better" than Arabs and Israel just shouldn't retaliate? I see a parallel.

John is not the only one to note this massive journalist hypocrisy vis a vis Africa. Every white "colonialist" twigged onto it from day one.

So thousands are killed DAILY in DRC (tens of thousands raped) and rarely is it reported.

In a recent Soldier of Fortune article I called The Congo as "the world's Slaughterhouse."

Your estimate of 4 million killed is probably conservative but how do we really know? Reporters are too terrified to even go there. And THAT is another story NOT told. How unfashionable would that admission be?

African leaders SENSE we hold "them" less culpable and take full advantage of it to retain power by any means.

Leslie, John. I so enjoyed your words.

Columbus, Portland