Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Elegant Preemption

It seems quite likely that in the near future, a terrorist group or jihadist state like Iran may just be suicidal enough to attack America or our allies with a weapon of mass destruction. In that event, the response will be a massive, time-, money-, and life-consuming war effort to combat and destroy the attacker. Why not preempt that awful circumstance now and use the forthcoming stimulus package to develop the cutting-edge weapons and other military technologies necessary to prevent such an attack? This approach would produce solid, long-term jobs and see taxpayers’ money spent in a pragmatic way, exactly when we have great need for these jobs and enough time to re-vamp our military, saving us invaluable blood and valuable treasure down the line.

Contact your Congressperson and Senator!

1 comment:

R. Katz said...

Shades of 1941!

Well, that just makes far too much sense to have much chance with this congress. We'll do what we always do; we'll get caught with our collective pants around our ankles and then we'll spend the first year after any such attack desperately playing catch-up and taking it up the rear-end.

It seems that congress is far too interested in wasting the better part of one trillion dollars on ineffective agenda spending than they are in reversing the economic crisis or in defending the country. I expect that our young people will sooner or later pay for both.