Monday, November 3, 2008

Leaving Chicago

A most interesting report from informs us that during the recent summer months (May 26th - September 1st, 2008), more Americans were shot and killed in Chicago (an estimate of 125) than in the whole of war-torn Iraq (65 U.S. soldiers). This astounding statistic begs the question:

When will we hear a strident call emerging from the bowels of the anti-war machine of Harry Reid and his Democrat minions for America to immediately withdraw from Obama's hometown of Chicago? We (of course) just can't abide the wasted lives, the unnecessary deaths – just as we cannot in Iraq.

Harry Reid, you showed your mettle with Iraq; now show us the way out of Chicago. Then, perhaps, we could review our continuing occupation of Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans, St. Louis...

Let's withdraw while we can.


Bruce said...

Ha! That's a winner. If you're not careful, such political wit could land you a job as a writer on Saturday Night Live.

Theway2k said...

This is truly an awesome and ironic comparison. Way to go Leslie!

Melvyn Rosenstein said...


You left out the District of Columbia. This is perhaps the most violent per capita area in our Country.

If you look up the statistics for all the Presidents from and including Carter you will see the numbers of deaths in the "peacetime" armed services were equal to or greater than those in Iraq. Those statistics are available on the DOD website.


Mel Rosenstein said...


You make the point very eloquently. Obama make visions of sugar plums dance in the heads of a large portion of our Countrymen who feel underprivileged. His promise of redistribution to enable a better life with purchase power for cars, homes and education for their children to thus enable the children to better themselves sounds laudable. The question is - what will $500 or even $1,000 do in order to make this happen for those who presently do not have enough income to pay taxes? The answer seems to be obvious!

My father was a small businessman who built a factory which employed over 350 people. I was his only child. When I told him I wished to go to Medical School he was initially very disappointed. He told me "for whom did I build this business but to pass it on to my son"? After a while he came to me and said I made the right decision. Business offers one reward, that is making money. Medicine offers that reward plus the deeper reward of helping people.

As the song says "money makes the world go 'round". That is the drive for the productive and inventive people who make this Country great. The side effect of that drive is to make the lives of all better with a job and an income. It is the frugal of this Country that represent the majority of the millionaires. It is that saved money which makes for the capital to drive the rest of the growth of the business world and thus jobs and opportunity. Take that away with taxes and the beaurocracy to redistribute the money and we have squelched the engine driving the economy.

History tells us that increasing taxes in a failing economy deepens recession into depression. That was 1929. Are we foolish enough to accept this as our cure for the present problem? I think we, unfortunately, may be so foolish, driven by the eloquent trickster before us, into this untenable choice.

Just one other point. Part of the Obama plan is to increase the level at which FICA is taken out of ones paycheck. This represents an added 7% tax on the very middle class he proclaims to be helping. It is an added $700 per $10,000 earned. That is certainly a significant tax increase on what he presently calls the middle class of wage earners. Why has McCain or the media not cited this?