Monday, April 28, 2008

The Universal War on Terror – A Centrality of Suicide Bombings

Quite simply, the most effective, attainable and inexpensive way to pop the Jihadist balloon that is the predominant form of Global Terrorism, may not be the obvious solution utilizing military and security means. This war is asymmetrical, where terrorists play by no rules, ignore all laws, all Geneva Conventions. They extend depravity and fear beyond that evidenced by even the Nazis. This Islamic Radicalism is, by its very nature and definition, limiting the efficacy of traditional military responses and is more likely to bankrupt the victims before resolution eventuates.

Suicide bombings - this is the Achilles Heel at the center of the Global Jihadist movement; this is the cancer that can and must be largely eradicated at the core of this growing scourge. Neutralize this disease and you will tear the heart out of the beast that threatens world domination and the destruction of the West and its freedoms. Until then, the Jihadists, with their Sharia law and their political fascism would in particular seek to devolve our female population back beyond the Dark Ages.

Our civilization must harness every effort to demolish this worship of death. Our society must excommunicate especially those educational media and social structures that teach and motivate children to not only deny their natural drive to live and ultimately procreate but to instead commit to these crimes against humanity, blowing themselves up in the process with as many innocents as possible.

These bombings by our impressionable young, still in our care and trust, must rank as the nadir of human depravity, as the insane extension of personal genocide, as the undermining of our history and civilization with all its evolved moralities, values and freedoms.

Dismembering oneself and others one does not and cannot know, is the antithesis of everything godly, everything sublime, all that is essential spiritual. It denies the existence of individual ethics, of a personal god, of each person's sacrosanct rights and humanness as embodied by the Old and the New Testament, by the French and American Revolutions and certainly by our Bill of Rights.

Nations must eradicate all forms of acceptance, no matter how tacit, for this crime against humanity; no matter where found, no matter how expressed. Countries that allow these evils, even passively, must be banished from every civilized community, every gathering of moral and modern nations.

Individuals and groups who submit to these suicidal doctrines, who offer support and financing for these atrocities, must be hounded wherever they hide themselves, whether in the caves of Waziristan or the hollow halls of the United Nations, whether in the warrens of Gaza or in Tehran's Majilis, whether in the Mosques of Bethlehem or the charities of Riyadh.

We, as in Biblical times, must shout out from the hilltops to the very end of our every valley, and proclaim without compromise, without dilution, exactly who these nations are, these individuals are, and enjoin all by every political, economic and social means at our disposal, to eradicate this evil. They must be labeled, they must be 'outed', they must be targeted openly and vigorously along with all their visible supporters, their invisible facilitators.

This cancer, that feeds the nihilistic beast, if denied its bloodlust, its martyrdom, its perverted Jihadist energy, will wilt and with it the heartbeat of Islamic Radicalism. By definition it cannot procreate and survive in its present form without its martyrs, its youthful supplicants desirous of heaven's 72 virgins (as yet we still await clarity on exactly what rewards are reserved for the female suicide bombers). It cannot survive Western norms, civilized limitations, the emancipation of its people, equal rights for its women. Its energy thrives off the death cult, on poisonous propaganda and this dehumanizing solution to all earthly fears, all human pain, all seething anger.

The Spanish Inquisition of 15th Century Iberia similarly thrived on the fear and the power derived from its torture chambers, from its burnings at the stake, the forced martyrdom of innocent victims and thereby the effective control of everyone else.

The civilized world can outlaw this barbarity and its every practitioner, in every nook and cranny worldwide. Every culture, every religion, every political party can ascribe to this really very fundamental advance. This simple concept, this eminently cost-effective necessity, can spark the beginning of the end of this fundamentalist fascism that threatens to keep growing, as cancers do, until we have the vision and the courage to finally inject the vaccine.

The cure is simple – it’s attainable by all. It’s not in hiding – it’s not at all complex. Stop support for suicide bombing, marginalize its adherents, its educators, its handlers; and the Jihadist fervor will dissipate, the martyrs fascination will wilt. It will go the ignoble way of communism and of fascism and of much of the rest of history’s most devastating experiments.

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Bruce said...

Equating cancer and the jihadist threat is quite correct. Like cancer, left to it's own devices, it will fester and grow.

Nicely done.