Thursday, October 16, 2003

Discussion on the veracity of a $0.60 cent/gallon increase in taxes (Oct. 16, 2003)

Dear Michael Medved,

I support this 1000%. It’s the most honest, direct and elegant solution. It will and can result in one fell swoop (or in graduations over time) in the following:

a. Reducing the unnecessarily large gap between our gas prices and those of Europe and the Far East.

b. Unnecessary and frivolous driving will reduce thereby reducing gridlock on our highways and reducing traffic, enormous time and gas waste, as well as car maintenance costs; thereby saving Americans billions at the same time, perhaps, the only and efficient way of combating the incessant Los Angeles parking lots.

c. The fairest of all taxes, as one pays only for use. Less pollution and more sales of gas efficient cars. Everyone pays, whether legal or not, rich or poor. Gas and cars pollute- why not charge for use of highways directly?

d. Monies can be used to reduce pollution directly caused by gas and car use-thus we get to be responsible for our own actions. Money can similarly help improve education.

e. I would also further recommend a two-tiered priority system for our prisons:

1. Minimum services/food/entertainment/lodging for inmates refusing to work

2. Maximum of the above for inmates who are productive and work, thus spending a portion of profits earned in partnership with factories/the world of commerce, and the prison system thus uses balance of profits or salaries to finance the prisons- thus moving toward self-sufficiency.

I would be tougher on hard drugs; legalize marijuana, but tax it to the hilt to ensure minimum use, maximum taxes for rehab and to finance the policing of hard drugs.

Best wishes and good luck!

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