Friday, January 18, 2008

Linkage Between Gaza & Israel "Stopping the Kassams" (Dec. 21, 2007)

In his New York Sun article, Hillel Halkin talks of five uncertain options of response to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad missile barrages against Israel. But there is a pragmatic and eminently feasible sixth option.

Option 6:

There has been and there desperately needs to be linked consequentiality - a clear response formula - this the Russians understood well and so will Hamas.

The simplest solutions are often ignored in favor of ambiguity and complexity. This need not be the case.

Israel must publish widely that every rocket sent into Israeli civilian areas will be met with an immediate and publicized return of one corresponding strike by Israel - if there are 2 or 20 Kassams in a day, Israel must drop 2 or 20 bombs, aimed at Hamas and Islamic Jihad offices, equipment or any relevant location to weaken their political and military morale, assets and ability. And if an Israeli civilian death results from a Kassam, the response must be a targeted killing meaningfully high up their chain of command.

Only then will the Palestinians and their supporters be fully educated about consequences, and the Gaza citizens and militias will necessarily and immutably grow weary of allowing or causing, with directly visible connectivity, their own demise.

Clarity not ambiguity (as was always the case) is the key. Linkage: publicized, formulaic, transparent and irrevocable is the only and the ultimate solution - the only way to drive a sizable and permanent wedge between the population held hostage (some voluntarily and some unwillingly) and the active Jihadist elements.

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