Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Election - A Synergistic Primary (Dec. 4, 2007)

Let’s do a deal, in advance of the primaries: Hilary will squeeze out Obama; power, money and savvy manipulation being the Clintons' unsurpassed epitaph, and to her ultimately ego-driven regret, she may forego offering Obama the vice presidency.

In that event, Giuliani should be planning to offer Obama reconciliation across the aisle, a nonpartisan vice presidency. Imagine the political courage and energy created in one fell swoop. This unbeatable combination would put Giuliani in charge of decreasing taxes, cutting spending, security and foreign policy (including the military) - his forte. Obama could then competently and compatibly focus on social security, healthcare and local issues but with strict financial discipline imposed by Giuliani. The best of both imperfect worlds, a meeting at the center of the country, in every meaningful way. These two men are each eminently capable of compromise, realpolitik aficionados who could marry the extremes and finally unite a great country, enabling us to strengthen ourselves and weaken our enemies, so that our kids could one day inherit the greatness our ancestors bestowed on us, without appeasement politics and ultimately without fear of nukes and weapons of mass destruction.

Politics is the art of compromise – for too long we have been distracted by both democratic and republican extremists, agenda-driven drama queens who represent the fringes of our diversified communities and who highlight our differences rather than our invaluable commonalities. We need true leaders who can focus on the enemy outside of our democracy, rather than seeing the devil within the other party, the other religion, the other perspective, as all the agenda-driven Cindy Sheehans would have it.

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