Friday, October 5, 2001

A Solution (Oct. 5, 2001)

A Solution

An elegant yet unusual solution to terrorism.

Reprint from The International Jerusalem Post “Letters” of August 24, 2001 by Rich Chamberlain, Rochester, N.Y.

“How to Fight Suicide Bombers"

"Sir, - Following the recent terrorist outrage in Jerusalem, I heard talk of the difficulty of stopping suicide bombers. Actually, it is quite simple. In the years preceding World War I, General John J. Pershing was commander of the American forces in the Philippines. The small Moslem community on the island nation began to wreak havoc against the government and the American forces. The American troops captured a large group of these terrorists. During interrogation by the Military Court, the fanatics were heard repeatedly shouting Allah hu’akbar (“God is Great”), “jihad,” and “the Philippines are the lands of Islam"

Pershing ordered them executed.

Moslems believe that no one tainted by swine can enter Paradise, so the general had the firing squad coat their bullets in hog fat while the condemned watched. As each was executed, his corpse was wrapped in hog skin and covered in hog entrails before burial.

Three of the convicted were released to take the news back to their communities. That ended the Islamic jihad in the Philippines.

To stop suicide bombings in Israel, it is important to deny the bombers a “martyr’s funeral.” Israel should learn from Pershing, by desecrating each bomber’s body with pig products and refusing to hand it over for Islamic burial. Sure, there will be massive protests - but no more suicide bombings.”

In conclusion: A difficult solution for civilized people, yet still unquestionably the lesser of the two evils. In any event terrorists, by their inhumane action of targeting innocent civilians, have, by definition, given up any right to a civilized response.

The government furthermore may merely have to hint at or leak the likelihood of such a response without actually carrying it out (and bury anonymously the remains of the suicide bombers) for the desired effect to reach the psyches of would be terrorists and thereby neutralize their motives.

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