Thursday, September 13, 2001

Freedom Day (Sept. 13, 2001)

There should be immediate consideration of the suggestions below. Your motivation and support for and/or participation is crucial.

1. September 11, 2001 should be instituted as an annual memorial day, to honor all those Americans who lost their lives and freedom. This day - to be called “freedom day”, should commemorate the flight for freedom worldwide, for all peoples everywhere.

2. An immediate fund needs to be established for the victims of the September 11, 2001 Terrorism should be advertised as such with appropriate management: by worldwide participation.

3. This day should come down in history as the start of an unveiled war on terrorism worldwide, by those committed to freedom, democracy and tolerance. Since preventative action is the only logical and practiced solution a private organization should be set up with three divisions:

(a) To collect by/any reasonable means all information and intelligences possible concerning terrorists, including their organizations and operations and to furnish this information to those authorities capable of and motivated to prevent such terrorism. This division need not necessarily be restricted by government policy or limitation to ensure maximum effectiveness.

(b) To counter-propaganda and those supporting terrorist views, beliefs, agendas and politics and to provide silent and realistic assessments of these terrorist organizations to world media and relevant organizations.To combat the media war at all levels and to motivate for the isolation of those countries that provide and support a haven for these terrorists.

(c) To establish a preemptive strike force, not limited by governmental and institutional squeamishness, unstraints, appeasement, and cowardice, to combat by any means terrorist plans and to neutralize and remove where necessary and unambiguous those bombers and terrorists, leaders responsible for past and future acts of terrorism. Perpetrators of terror should feel safe nowhere, they should not have anywhere the protections of the law, decency, tolerance they so wish to destroy. A fund needs to be established to support this organization where donations can be received in countries and or bombs without restrictions as to their source or case.

4. The World Trade Towers should be immediately rebuilt but with the proviso that, whatever the expense, it should be terrorist proof. The structure, design and strength should be as immune as possible to collapse from potential attacks by bombs, planes or missiles. An investment fund should be set up for all investors counting to support such a monument, perhaps called the “World Freedom Towers”, a symbol of the rebirth, strength, and courage of a free American, symbol of a vital and democratic world order. Further a public monument should be erected on that site as well in memory of to all of those who died and as an affirmation of the principles of freedom.

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